Media Coverage

In the Press:

Stylist Magazine article, December 2013

New Statesman Extended profile by Helen Lewis: Will a tattoo ever hang in the Louvre? April 26th-May 2nd 2013, print edition, pp.32-37

Metro article, Thursday February 21st 2013

Huffington Post interview, Wednesday May 9th 2012

The Observer, Sunday May 23rd 2010

Broadcasting & TV:

Most recently, I appeared as a guest on ABC Australia’s RN Drive show Behind The Tweed, talking about my research on the Wellcome tattoo collection. Listen to the programme here.

I have also appeared on BBC Breakfast News discussing contemporary tattoo culture, and in a Channel 4 News feature on the history of women’s tattoos. Watch the full report here:

Watch the pre-production trailer for Medicine’s Dark Secrets, a new TV series from The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice, in which I appear in a short segment on preserved tattooed human skins in forensic collections:

Other  Weblinks:

Pitt Rivers Museum – Body Arts

Total Tattoo Magazine, Issue 90 April 2012 – check out Dr. Matt Lodder’s article on the history of tattooed art objects, pp.60-61